Three Cheers for Groups

Travel is wonderful – and GROUP TRAVEL is doubly-wonderful! At least, that’s been our experience, ever since we first launched Midlife Madness Tours. When you go adventuring with one of our groups, you end up doing stuff, going places, meeting people, grabbing opportunities, and trying things that you mightn’t have the courage to try if you were travelling on your own. Plus you’ve got a great bunch of Kiwi friends to share these fantastic experiences with – and zero risk of feeling left out or lonely!

In short, there’s no end to the fun that happens and the memories that are made when like-minded, young-at-heart midlifers go adventuring together.

We’re old hands when it comes to touring. Plus we make a point of ‘adding value’ – with special Midlife Madness extras that make good tours GREAT! So come and share some Midlife Madness with us!