Monday Feb 7, 2011

Oh boy! We’ve just had two lovely, relaxing, lazy days … sailing across the endless expanse of the Atlantic en route to the Falkland Islands, with empty blue sea stretching in all directions to the gently curving horizon.

The weather’s been great – giving us high hopes that we’ll have no problems going ashore tomorrow morning in the ship’s bright-orange tenders/lifeboats. Yesterday’s ocean swell got us rocking and rolling, and caused more than one of our intrepid Kiwis to miss dinner – but today’s sea was flatter and calmer, and the Veendam made good progress.

We’re steaming south (take a look at the map), and the temperatures are dropping all the time – although you only notice when you step outside onto the deck.

Life like this on the ocean waves is thoroughly enjoyable – and, on a ship like ours, anything but boring. There are lovely, comfortable corners at every level … lounges and libraries and cafes galore … informative travel talks, gourmet cooking classes, team challenges to take part in … a walking deck to stretch your legs on, a gym to work out in, yoga/pilates/dance classes to tone up in, and the Greenhouse Spa to soak away those aches. Your spacious cabin awaits if you’re in the mood for a snooze or a good book … the casino is always happy to talk your money off you … world class entertainment’s on offer each evening in the Showroom-At-Sea … and, of course, there’s constant, wall-to-wall, 24-hour food to tempt your taste buds and fill out your waistline.

Ahh, yes – this kind of travel is tough and unpleasant, as I’m sure you can tell. But somebody has to do it … and it might as well be us.

PEOPLE NEWS: Just one Midlife Madness Award was dished out today …

  • Jackie walks away with the ‘Technically Challenged’ Award – for confusing Peter’s cellphone with his hearing-aid scanner! Poor Peter wasn’t sure if he was supposed to talk or listen.

TOMORROW: We’ll find ourselves on the rim of the world’s edge in the rugged-yet-beautiful Falklands. So don’t change channels …

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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