Saturday April 8, 2017

We are, as you’ve probably guessed, home. We arrived back in Godzone several days ago aboard a big Latam Airlines jet. And this final belated blog is an attempt to tie up the last loose ends of our grand South America adventure.

I left you (in my previous report) at Machu Picchu. And, on the morning after our amazing encounter with the Lost City of the Incas, we had the chance to enjoy a guided ‘bird-walk’ in the cloud forest above Aguas Calientes – wandering through lush gardens, home to swarms of tiny multi-coloured fruit-eaters, fly-catchers, nectar-drinkers … the rare and beautiful Cock of the Rock (with its brilliant orange-red plumage) … and extra-tiny hummingbirds (their delicate wings doing a blurring 100 beats per second as they hover in the trees).

Wanna see more of those hummingbirds in action? Check out these short video-clips:

Later that afternoon, we trained and coached our way back along the Sacred Valley to Cuzco, an amazing colonial city built high in the Andes. Cuzco features the remains of Incan palaces and massive Inca-built walls … colonial mansions and treasure-filled churches … and cobblestoned plazas thronging with colourful Quechua Indians.

We Kiwis spent our last day in Peru touring the city’s historic highlights, strolling the streets, mingling with the locals, shopping for a few more souvenirs, and snapping another zillion photos. Finally, that evening, we enjoyed our Midlife Madness Farewell Dinner & Folklore Show at Tunupa Restaurant!

Phew, what an adventure we’ve had! And what stories we’ve got to tell!

Gracias, South America …” Thank you heaps!

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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