Monday Feb 25, 2013

Anyone can take photos. But it takes a photographer with exceptional talent and experience to creatively capture a travel-destination like South America. Fortunately, on this Mad Midlife adventure, we’ve got TWO of them: me and my brother Wayne! And here, for something a little different, are some photo-samples of what we’ve spent the past two days looking at. 

Spindly Chile (fenced between the Andes and the Pacific) stretches 4300km – over half the continent. And look carefully at a decent map and you’ll see that the pointy bit at the bottom of South America, plus most of Chile’s long coastline, is a clutter of islands, spreading southwards like a giant’s jigsaw puzzle, and criss-crossed with channels, canals, sounds, straits and fjords.

Cruising is the only way to see this remarkable region – and that’s what we’ve been busy doing yesterday and today. It’s hard to TELL you what they look like, but maybe we can SHOW you? Check out our snapshots and try to imagine the kaleidoscope of misty waterways, looming mountains, forested isles, gushing waterfalls, the occasional shipwreck, and crushing glaciers that we’ve been eyeballing from the decks of our floating hotel, the Veendam …

TOMORROW: We venture into the famous Strait of Magellan to the one-time garrison-town of Punta Arenas where we meet our first penguins. You won’t want to miss this – so stay close to your computer! 

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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