Thursday September 25

The travel books had warned us: for ocean scenery at its best, nothing rivals Nova Scotia’s south shore. And we had proof of that this morning as the Maasdam cruised elegantly along the craggy coastline and docked in Halifax. This busy Canadian port was founded in 1749 as a British stronghold – so the eager Redcoats could keep a watchful eye on the French fort at Louisbourg. Today Halifax handles 16 million tons of cargo – and remains open year-round (unlike other ports on Canada’s east coast, most of which ice over in winter). 

Peggy's Cove

Peggys Cove

Our shore visit today included a sightseeing drive through the city’s graceful older districts … a wander through one of its many lush green parks … and a sobering stop at one of several cemetries filled with the graves of the Titanic casualties. Then we were off along the coast to Peggy’s Cove – a rustic, charming fishing village and one of Canada’s most photographed sites.

Peggy’s Cove, I kid you not, is simply magic, and it was made all the more so today by the near-perfect weather. The settings, the colours, the reflections couldn’t have been better … and our cameras were soon threatening to overheat.

Lobster pots

Lobster pots

As a delightful finishing touch, we then sat down to a delectable lobster lunch. Oh, what fun we had … and oh, what a mess we made, cracking those hard orange shells and digging the sweet white flesh out of those powerful claws!

Last nights Dutch Chocolate Extravaganza!

Last nights Dutch Chocolate Extravaganza!


PEOPLE NEWS: The clock is ticking and the pressure’s on, but people are still doing silly things and Mad Midlife Awards are still being given out:

* The ‘Breakfast In Bed Award‘ goes to Jackie & Peter – who decided to order breakfast in their cabin early the other morning, but mistakenly gave the catering staff the wrong cabin number. They eventually got to eat, but only after the other cabin-dwellers had been woken at some unearthly hour (grumpy and not impressed) with a meal they hadn’t ordered.

* The ‘Pass the Salt, Sweetie Award‘ goes to Monica – who, only today at lunch, added sugar (instead of salt) to her vegetable soup, and then repeated the same mistake, sprinkling sugar all over her hot french fries!

TOMORROW: It’s our last full day on this cruise (sob). We’ll be going ashore in Bar Harbour (USA) to see for ourselves the stunning autumn scenery of Acadia National Park and hear tales of an oh-so-loverly bygone era. Not long to go now, so keep watching …

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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