Monday July 9, 2007

Following a somewhat rock-&-rolly night at sea, we sailed into yet another harbour on the Norwegian coast: Stavanger. We saw no sign of them, but those wild, woolly Vikings once fought historic battles in these waters. Then, centuries later, that same sea coughed up huge harvests of brisling and herring – earning this largish city the title: ‘sardine capital of the world’.

15-Stavanger 3

These days, it’s offshore oil-drilling puts money in Stavanger’s bank accounts. And we saw one of those rigs on our way home.

15-Stavanger 115-Stavanger 2From where, you might ask? Well, this morning, for something a little different, we took a small-blue-boat cruise past untold lovely islands into yet another fjord – the gorgeous Lysefjord – where we eventually ended up right underneath the famous Pulpit Rock, lurking 1500 feet above us in the clouds. (Believe it or not, people climb way up there – just for the heck of it!)

En route we had a treat-stop at a little rocky beach for coffee/tea and Norwegian waffles.

Decadent? Of course!

TOMORROW: Oslo, Norway’s capital, Harald the Severe, and a Viking ship museum. So stay tuned …

Yours bloggedly – JOHN