Thursday August 25, 2016

France (they reckon) is the world’s most popular tourist destination, with 85 million visitors flocking to see it last year alone. They’re drawn by its uniquely attractive culture … its ravishing art and architecture … its iconic cities … its beloved landscapes … its lilting, seductive accents … its bistros and cafes, croissants and crepes … its lush, impeccable gardens … and the gentle rhythm of its village life.

They come because they just can’t stay away. And France never disappoints them.

I don’t know if La Belle France is on YOUR ‘bucket-list’ – but it is on ours. Which is why, come Tuesday next week, we’re flying there with a bunch of Mad Midlife Kiwi friends. And, in between eye-popping scenery … palaces, castles and gardens … French food and wine … plus a week-long cruise on the country’s romantic rivers … we plan to have the time of our lives!

But, sorry, you’re gonna have to wait a few more days for more words and pix about our Grand French Odyssey – because Robyn and I still have things to do, places to go, family to hug, stuff to pick up, stuff to drop off, and 23 days’ worth of clothes/shoes/you-name-it to cram into our bulging suitcases. So I’ve gotta run.

See ya in Paris!

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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