Friday May 11, 2018

IT DOESN’T SEEM TO MATTER how many times we do it – the countdown to a Big OE is always chaotic, shambolic and stressful. A month ago, it felt like we had forever. A week ago, it felt like we had a month. And here we are, with 19 things still unticked on our To-Do list … and stuff strewn in untidy heaps everywhere.

Right now, it feels like we’ll NEVER be ready on time – so, if we’re not at the airport on Wednesday, PLEASE START WITHOUT US!

We’ll make it, of course. We always do. And once we get settled into our Emirates seats … once we’re taxiing down that runway … once we’re up-up-up-and-away … it’ll all feel FAN-DIDDLY-TASTIC!

This Mad Midlife Adventure will start for-real 17-airborne-hours-later (aarrgghh) with a city tour and overnighter in Dubai … then we’ll continue to London, where an invitation to the Royal Wedding is hopefully awaiting us (I’ve sent an email to Harry and Meghan!) … and finally we’ll cross the ditch to Amsterdam, Holland, where our elegant cruise-ship, the Koningsdam, will give several blasts on its horn before moving slowly away from the terminal.

Our destination? The Atlantic Coast, the Baltic Sea, Scandinavia, St Petersburg, and the Norwegian Fjords – YEEHAA!

These beautiful lands at the top of the world promise welcoming cities, fascinating histories, drop-dead-gorgeous scenery. And we Kiwis are gonna get amongst it all – from the decks of our floating hotel. We’ll be going ashore and packing in as much sightseeing as possible … with heaps of time in-between to kick back, relax and have fun.

As we’ve said all along, we’re gonna have a BALL!

Anyway, right now I’ve gotta go and help Robyn squeeze everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink into our two small suitcases.

Stay tuned, won’t you. I’ll add more words, pix and tall-stories as soon as I’ve got something to report.

Just make sure you look after New Zealand while we’re gone – okay?

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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