Wednesday June 5, 2013

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To further put your minds at rest:

  1. In contrast to what you might have been watching on TV news, the weather where we are on the flooded River Rhine has been fabulous – no rain – just clear blue skies and warm sunshine. Elsewhere in Central Europe (apparently) the rain has been falling, but not here. We’ve been truly lucky.
  2. While our planned itinerary is somewhat up the wop (thanks to the flooding), we’ve still been going ashore each day and visiting gorgeous places.
    1. Yesterday, for example, we explored the marvellously restored Reichburg Castle in the stunning medieval town of Cochem – along the beautiful, vineyard-smothered Moselle River Valley. (We also enjoyed some very generous wine-tasting in an underground cellar.)
    2. And, today, we drove through southwestern Germany to the famous university centre of Heidelberg (on the Nekar River) where we toured the gigantic castle that looms silently over the town and dates way back to Roman times.
  3. River levels are definitely dropping – YEEHAA! – and we hope that, by Friday, we’ll be cruising again … doing some catch-up kilometres aboard the Amadeus Princess.
  4. We feel very sorry for people (locals and tourists) caught on other, worse affected parts of Europe’s big rivers. But we’ve grown very fond of the pretty town (Coblenz) where we’ve been docked for the past few days – it’s hard to think of a nicer place to be marooned! In fact, overall, despite the flooding, we Mad Midlife Kiwis have been having a ball!

There’s lots more to come, of course. So don’t change channels or go away.

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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