Wednesday August 30, 2017

Yeehaa! It’s happening again! In just three short sleeps we’ll be quitting soggy, muddy Godzone and jetting away to warm, sunny Europe for another adventure-of-a-lifetime! There’ll be 25 of us in this Mad Midlife group, and we’re all DOUBLY-EXCITED! Why? Because the itinerary we’ve stitched together is taking us to not just ONE of our favourite places … but TWO!

First, there’s ITALY: Uniquely lovable Italy with its colourful history, its insanely good cuisine, its romantic music, its friendly locals. The name Italy conjures up 2000-year-old ruins … soaring architecture and museums-for-all … open-air cafés and restaurants … olive groves, vineyards and free-flowing wine  … picture-postcard Tuscan villages … gondolas on Venetian canals … and the sweet life, La Dolce Vita!

Second, there’s CROATIA: Its unspoiled shoreline, its paradise islands, its hilltop villages and medieval towns. Countless civilisations have imprinted this ancient corner of Europe, and whispers of the past seem to follow you everywhere you go. Plus there’s an Olde Worlde charm that makes the region irresistible. We’ll soon be soaking it up … aboard the ms Agape Rose, the motor-launch we’ve chartered to showcase the alluring Adriatic.

This combination of discovery-on-shore and luxury-at-sea is gonna be simply fantastic! And we promise to keep you posted with scintillating reports and eye-popping photos.

So don’t go too far away – okay?

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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