Thursday July 12, 2007

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen
Friendly old girl of a town
‘Neath her tavern light
On this merry night
Let us clink and drink one down
To wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen
Salty old queen of the sea
Once I sailed away
But I’m home today
Singing Copenhagen
Wonderful, wonderful
Copenhagen for me!

The Little Mermaid

This cheerful song is in our Mad Midlife ‘Ye Olde Songbook’ – but we forgot to bring the words with us this morning when we toured this ‘friendly old girl of a town’ – so we missed a great chance to do some singing!

In the 15th century, Copenhagen was capital of not only Denmark, but also Norway and Sweden … and it’s home to the oldest monarchy in the world (including an Aussie princess).

18-Copenhagen 2Even though it was cloudy and cool today, the city’s history and charm were reflected everywhere we looked. First port-of-call on our whistle-stop tour was the (surprisingly little) statue the Little Mermaid – Copenhagen’s world-famous symbol. Then we crossed to the island of Amager and the beautiful little village of Dragor (pronounced ‘Trou-yer’) for some piping-hot coffee (and the yummiest Danish pastries ever) at a local café – followed by a stroll down cobbled lanes amongst yellow-painted houses (some still sporting thick thatched roofs) and gorgeous postcard-size gardens (with hollyhocks galore).

Then it was back through the city centre past picture-perfect palaces, museums and stately old buildings … bronze statues to burn … pedestrianised shopping streets … and church steeples thrusting skyward at every turn.

Sounds appealing? Copenhagen is, for sure!

18-Copenhagen 3We had a couple of hours to kill this afternoon, so, map in hand and camera over shoulder, Mrs Cooney and I lunged out on foot to do some more exploring. We were aiming for the colourfully painted shopfronts and restaurants of Old Nyhavn, set alongside one of the city’s many canals – and we did find it eventually. But only after getting utterly lost and walking at least 300 unnecessary kms through Copenhagen’s streets.

Aahh, the joys of travelling! (And oohh, our aching feet!)

TOMORROW: Another lazy day’s cruising – to rest up, catch up, live it up, and eat it up aboard our floating hotel. So stay tuned …

Yours bloggedly – JOHN