Fri/Sat May 28/29, 2010

All good things come to an end … and our delightful Mad Midlife romp through Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary along the Rhine/Main/Danube Rivers (with Oberammergau providing the icing on the cake) is just about over.

We spent most of yesterday driving north through scenic Bavaria, with time for a brief photo-stop at Heidelberg, its famous half-ruined castle (built in 1214 out of red sandstone) looming over the Neckar River. Then it was back on the autobahn – to Frankfurt and the Steigenberger Hotel.

We had time this morning for one more on-foot look-see city tour. (Frankfurt straddles the Main River, and has been Germany’s financial centre for yonks). But finally, this afternoon, it was OUR turn to pack our overflowing bags for the very last time and check out of the hotel.

Some of our group have STILL not had enough, and are heading for London, Paris, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Perth and parts unknown. The rest of us are transferring to the airport, where a Singapore Airlines jumbo will be waiting to return us (eventually) to New Zealand.

Phew, what an adventure we’ve had! And what stories we’ve got to tell!


“Auf wiedersehen!”  


Goodbye Europe, hello Godzone …”


Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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