Singapore AirlinesHelp! We’re in countdown mode now – ticking off the final few days through to June 25, when our group will meet at the airport with bags all packed plus tickets and passports clutched in hot little hands! 

Some MIDLIFE MADNESS – that’s what we’ve got planned! And the elegant, blue Marco Polo will be waiting in Dover, England, ready to take us up the Atlantic coast and into the Baltic Sea.  

These beautiful lands at the top of the world promise welcoming cities, fascinating histories, drop-dead-gorgeous scenery. And we Kiwis are gonna get amongst it all – from the decks of our floating hotel. We’ll be going ashore and packing in as much sightseeing as possible … without getting bored or exhausted … and with heaps of time in-between to kick back and relax and have fun.  

As we’ve said all along, we’re gonna have a BALL!  


It’s hard to know where to start – because they’ll just keep coming, day after day, night after night, highlight after highlight. But here’s what our itinerary includes …

  • the pop, pomp and pageantry of grand, enduring London (England)
  • magnificent, arrogant Paris – the most glamorous city in Europe (France)
  • magical, old, scarred, soothing, picturesque Amsterdam (Holland)
  • the spectacular fjords, waterways and tiny villages of the Norwegian coast
  • one of Europe’s smallest capitals, charming Oslo in the fjords (Norway)
  • quaint, picturesque Skagen, where two seas – Skagerrak and Kattegat – meet (Denmark)
  • wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen, home of the world’s oldest monarchy (Denmark)
  • the Old Town of Klaipeda, with its timbered houses and cobbled streets (Lithuania)
  • reputedly “the most beautiful city in northern Europe” – medieval Tallinn (Estonia)
  • glorious, breath-taking St Petersburg, with its gleaming gold and marble (Russia)
  • striking Helsinki, with its fresh sea-breezes and small-town feel (Finland)
  • lovely, lively Stockholm, one of the most stunning capitals anywhere (Sweden)

Anyway, Robyn and I still have about two months worth of work to get done in just over two weeks. And we’ve gotta PACK – aarrgghh! So it’s goodnight from her and it’s goodnight from me! I’ll add some fresh entries once this adventure’s actually underway – and I’ll include some award-winning pix. So stay tuned … Yours bloggedly – JOHN

Baltic Cruise Map