Tuesday July 3, 2007

09-Marco Polo jacuzzi view

Today, all day, we got to blob out on deck or in one of the ship’s many lounges … relax … eat at leisure … enjoy luxury ship-board life to the full … and watch the great grey waters of the North Atlantic glide by!We’ve been in the open sea since late yesterday, sailing for Norway and what promises to be a week-long visual feast amongst stunning fjords, towering landscapes and coastal villages.

We’ll be cruising the length and breadth of the best of these fjords … making quick stops some days, longer stops on other days … sometimes docking, other times dropping anchor off-shore and disembarking by tender.

Ahh, YES – bring it on!

A day like today of non-stop cruising is great fun on the ‘Marco Polo’, and there’s always heaps to do – even on an overcast, rainy day. Like what, you wonder? Well, like

09-Marco Polo Raffles* stretch-&-relax exercises … a pilates class … a gym workout … a ping-pong tournament in the health club … a golf-putting tournament … or a game of shuffleboard on the Promenade Deck

* an art auction in the Charleston Club … a read in the library … chess or trivia challenge in the card room … a game of bridge … a flutter in the casino … a round of two-for-one bingo … or a dance class (foxtrot, anyone?) in the Ambassador Lounge

09-Marco Polo Palm Court* a Spanish-speaking lesson in the Palm Court … a maritime history lecture (on Lord Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar) … a relaxing Swedish massage in the Mandara Spa … or a warm leisurely soak on one of the top-deck jacuzzis. 

As is our custom, Mrs Cooney and I chose the latter activity, and took a bath-with-a-view – enjoying uninterrupted 180-degree views of the North Sea as it stretched out all around us.

Anyway, enough of this. I’m signing off and falling into bed. We’ve got less than five hours of darkness tonight – and a busy day to follow.

TOMORROW: Two train rides in the mountains, and a downhill scenic drive around 13 hairpin bends. So stay tuned …

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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