Saturday June 20, 2009

We cruised all night, slept like babies, and stayed onboard all day today watching endless farmland and onshore activity as the Prinsendam made its way through the waters and locks of the world’s busiest artificial waterway – the famous Kiel Canal.

Kiel Canal

Kiel Canal

Known in Germany as the Nordostee-Kanal, it runs for almost 100 km right through Schleswig-Holstein – from Brunsbüttel (on the North Sea, at the mouth of the Elbe River) to Holtenau (at Kiel Harbour on the Baltic Sea).

06 Kiel Canal 3For those with a technical bent, the canal is 160 metres wide and 11 metres deep, and is spanned by seven high-level bridges that have about 43 metres of clearance for ships to pass beneath them. (We had to duck a few times!) Originally built for military purposes, the canal was enlarged prior to WW1 to accommodate larger modern ships – like ours.

Interesting, huh?

06 Kiel Canal 5We witnessed endless green countryside … friendly towns with waving crowds … hundreds of wind-turbines striding across the landscape like giant, white insects … huge container ships, tug-boats, and at least one other big cruise ship … fishermen enjoying their Saturday afternoon sport … and (believe it or not) a German submarine. (Felt like we were back in a war movie!)

Tonight after a four-course, silver-service dinner we’ll take our seats in the Prinsendam’s plush Queens Lounge for a showtime spectacular of musical comedy.

Ahh yes, shipboard life is terribly stressful! I’m not sure our Mad Midlife Kiwis will be able to cope with 14 days of this … 

06 Kiel Canal 4

TOMORROW: We’ve got a very early start and a serious 14-hour excursion in Berlin where (amongst other things) we’ll tour the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and visit the local Holocaust Museum …

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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