Wednesday May 25, 2016

It was still misty/cloudy/rainy through our second full day on the Victoria Lianna – but it didn’t deter us intrepid Kiwis as we squeezed along under soaring peaks and looming rock-faces … floated past bridges and caves and river-barges and hanging coffins and ancient river towns and jutting pagodas … and fisher-folk in sampans trying to tempt the crew with their dried fish and shrimps … and went ashore here and there for more memorable sightseeing.

Come morning, we enjoyed a ferry-boat excursion up the smaller gorge of the Shennong Stream, where we climbed several flights of wet steps in our raincoats and brollies to watch a classy, colourful song-&-dance show featuring local customs and costumes.

Later, back on ship, we entered the Wu Gorge, known for its quiet beauty, swirling currents, forest-covered mountains, and moss-smothered cliffs that are so sheer the sun barely penetrates. Finally, we tied up to an anchored barge, trekked ashore, wandered through a fish market, and clambered up many more flights of wet steps to an ancient temple complex, White Emperor City, dating back to 25 AD.

In a nation with a 5000-year-old history, 25 AD is not that long ago, of course …

STILL TO COME: Day #3 on the Victoria Lianna – featuring the Qutang Gorge, the Shibaozhai Pagoda, and a relocation village, built to rehouse families above the rising waters of the Yangtze – so stay tuned, d’ya hear?


George got nominated today for our ‘Mary Poppins’ Award – after renting a nice big umbrella from the hotel for 100 yuan, then leaving the stupid thing on the bus while we went exploring in the drizzly rain.

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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