Friday March 16, 2018

TEN MORE SLEEPS! That’s all we’ve got left until we meet our merry band of Mad Midlifers and fly up-up-and-away to the Land of the Rising Sun!

Frankly, we can’t wait!

Japan promises us an extraordinary mix of ancient cultures and feudal histories … austere traditions and sober memorials … lush landscapes and manicured gardens … rush-hour cities and hushed retreats … hi-tech wonders and hi-speed rail … samurai-warriors and sumo-wrestlers … tuna-auctions and mouth-watering sashimi … Buddhist monks and ornate temples … geisha girls and karaoke wannabes … rightly-proud citizens and a welcome that’s so generous we’ll be blown away.

Japan has it all, we’re told. It’s unlike any other place on earth. And travellers who come expecting the unexpected invariably find themselves entranced.

We’ll be ‘doing Japan’ in springtime, of course, when the nation’s iconic cherry blossoms (sakura) erupt in a magical blaze of pink-and-white, blanketing town and countryside in soft, colourful splendour. Factor in lots of yummy Japanese cuisine … friendly, English-speaking guides … plus superb accommodation … and you’ve got a unique hassle-free 17-day experience that we’ll be raving about for decades!

We promise to keep you posted with riveting reports and eye-popping pix. But right now, we’ve gotta go and pack. As usual, we haven’t started yet. Well, Robyn has. But I … well … you know how it is, eh.

Anyway, enough for now! You’ll hear next from us in Toyo –  YEEHAA!

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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