Wednesday March 5, 2014

Only one more sleep to go – and (gulp!) I haven’t really started packing! But it’ll get it done, even if I don’t sleep tonight. And, come tomorrow morning, what doesn’t get done really won’t matter … because we’ll be up-up-and-away to Singapore, Hanoi and beyond!

MIDLIFE MADNESS ON THE MEKONG: that’s what we’ve got planned – in fascinating, colourful, utterly different Indochina. It’s one region of the world that truly gets under your skin: Frenchified Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (in what was North and South Vietnam) … the bustling Mekong Delta … the floating villages, temples, architecture, art … quaint Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia … the mind-boggling World Heritage monuments of Angkor Wat.

And we’ll be seeing much of this from the decks of the beautifully appointed river-cruiser: the Mekong Pandaw (one of the ultra-popular replica steamers that make up the Pandaw fleet) … soaking up the atmosphere on the legendary Mekong River … being pampered day and night … watching famous sites, rural scenes and jungle landscapes glide slowly past our big cabin windows … and so much more.

(I bet YOU wish you were coming – right?)

In short, we’re gonna have a BALL! But more of that later – because Robyn and I have gotta RUN!

I’ll add more blog entries once this journey’s actually underway … let you know what our fellow-travellers get up to … and include some award-winning pix. So, whatever you do, stay tuned …

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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