Saturday May 7, 2016

We’ll never forget our very first visit to the People’s Republic of China … arriving on a Dragon Air flight from Hong Kong. Within hours we were learning things that simply BLEW OUR MINDS!

Take China’s population, for a start: 1.35 billion people. (Stand ‘em side-by-side and they’d stretch 19 times around the world!) And take China’s 6000-kilometre Great Wall … its 2000-year-old Terracotta Warriors … its 5000-year-old history … and its 800-million bikes!

But it wasn’t just the mind-boggling stuff that made us want to go back. It was also our daily encounters with those same friendly people: weaving their way through traffic on teeming streets … hawking their wares in bustling markets … balancing baskets full of chickens and fish on the end of long poles … bent over in knee-deep water tending vivid-green rice paddyfields.

We can tell you for a fact: there’s no other destination like it – and these next three weeks are gonna be FANTASTIC!

We promise to keep you posted with riveting reports and eye-popping pix. But right now, we’ve gotta go and pack. As usual, we haven’t started yet. Well, Robyn has. But I … well … you know how it is, eh.

Anyway, enough for now! Just three more sleeps and we’ll be on our way to Stopover #1: Hong Kong – YEEHAA!

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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