Saturday Feb 27, 2015 01 India blog title montage Yeehaa! It’s happening at last! – UNFORGETTABLE INDIA! This land of colourful people, vibrant festivals, opulent palaces and stunning forts is worth doing well. And, come Wednesday, we’re gonna do it in style … in the company of like-minded, fun-loving Kiwis.

Get an eyeful of these stand-out features:

ROYAL TRAIN: We’ll enjoy seven pampered days on the deluxe sleeper-train, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels … waited on hand-&-foot with service like you wouldn’t believe … and spoilt rotten with magnificent interiors, sumptuous meals, expensive wines, and every amenity.

ROYAL SITES: Vibrant Rajasthan, the most popular tourist region in Northern India, was once the playground of maharajas and moghuls. And we’ll explore it for ourselves during daily sightseeing – magnificent cities, stunning lakes, gigantic citadels, 1000-year-old temples, sacred rivers, wild tiger reserves and bird sanctuaries.

SOUTHERN WONDERS: After leaving the train, we’ll head south to the scenic State of Kerala – where we’ll witness tea-pickers picking tea … hitch a ride on an elephant or two … go small-boat puttering through lush lagoons in a house-boat made from reeds … and enjoy a relaxing pick-me-up at a luxury sandy-beach resort.

There’s no other place on earth quite like India! And there’ll be no other Midlife Madness Adventure quite like this one! So stay tuned.

Once we’re actually underway, Robyn and I will add fresh new entries and award-winning pix every day or three. And, with the help of emails, the Internet, and our son Mike back in New Zealand, you’ll be able to share a little of our Indian Odyssey.

For now, it’s goodnight from her – and it’s goodnight from me!

Yours bloggedly – JOHN