Thursday April 5, 2018

We’ve spent the past two days in Kyoto – one-time Imperial Capital and geisha-girl centre, on the island of Honshu. Known for its Buddhist temples, gorgeous gardens and colourful shrines, Kyoto has been dubbed “Japan’s cultural heart.” And having just wandered, meandered and ambled our way around the finest and best of those temples, gardens and shrines – shopping for souvenirs as we went, and mingling with vast crowds of happy devotees, onlookers and families – we can vouch to the truth of that statement.

I could try and impress you by listing, naming and describing each temple in turn, but that would mean little to you – and I’d probably get my Kinkakujis confused with my Ryoanjis, and my Kiyomizus mixed up with my Tenryujis. So how about I just post another 40 photos and let you get the general impression for yourself?



You can sit back and enjoy the pix. But, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go to bed.

COMING UP: In the decades since that dreadful day in August 1945 when an atomic bomb rained death and destruction from the skies, Hiroshima has rebuilt itself as one of Japan’s most laidback, vibrant cities. I’ll tell you more soon, so don’t go away …

PEOPLE-NEWS: Yes, nominations continue to trickle in, and Quacky Yellow Ducks continue to be awarded to deserving Mad Midlifers …

  • ALLISON claimed her second duck by winning our ‘Agatha Christie Murder Mystery’ Award – after returning to the coach yesterday and promptly announcing ‘the Case of the Stolen Camera’ (which was no longer where she’d left it, in the seat-pocket in front of her). But five minutes later she amended that to ‘the Case of Sitting on the Wrong Seat on the Coach’!
  • MARJORIE won a cute little duckie, along with our ‘Lost in Translation’ Award – when she was mistaken for a Japanese tour guide by one of the hotel staff. Our group was waiting in the lobby, and despite Marjorie’s denials, the staff member kept telling her goodness-knows-what in rapid=fire Japanese.

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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