Tuesday June 24, 2014

blog6-06 Serengeti

Our African adventure has continued these past three days with morning and afternoon game-drives in the world’s most famous wildlife sanctuary of all. With its wide open spaces and creature-filled landscape, the Serengeti is everyone’s dream of Africa … and you truly never know what wildly wonderful surprise awaits you around the very next bend in the road. Fighting hippos, perhaps … or stampeding zebras … or stalking lions … or snoozing crocodiles … or some of the Serengeti’s extraordinary birds! And we’ve also been learning not to overlook the little critters, hidden around our luxury safari lodges.

What’s blown us away about the Serengeti Plains is the liberating sense of space: this sunburnt savannah seems to stretch forever, disappearing in a shimmering golden horizon at the end of the earth. The nomadic Masai people, who’ve been grazing their cattle on these grasslands for millennia, consider this place paradise. To them, it’s the Siringitu: “the place where the land moves on forever” … and the patterns of life and death are as old as the hills themselves.

But right now I’ve got a confession to make: this Mad Midlife Safari has been so full-on that I’ve fallen behind. So, while there’s lots more I’d love to tell you, I’m gonna stop here and send you another pile of photos. These have all been snapped in the past three days by me or my wife Robyn – or by others in our group (who, you’ll see, have been named).

I haven’t even had time to identify the animals and birds – but I thought YOU might like to do that, if you can. I’ll add a “did you find?” list in the next blog … so you can check your research. Okay?


We cross the Tanzania-Kenya border again and do some off-road driving into the renowned Masai Mara Regional Park – a sea of bush-cloaked hills and richly rolling grasslands that is centre-stage for the most dramatic wildlife show on earth: the legendary wildebeest migration. Just wait till you see our group’s photos of this remarkable event …

Yours bloggedly – JOHN

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