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Leaf-Peeping in Bar Harbour

Friday & Saturday September 26 & 27 We went ashore by tender (lifeboat) yesterday and spent the last full day of our cruise in “one of the most beautiful places in North America” (according to the experts)....

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Sounding All Scottish on Cape Breton Island

  Wednesday September 24   Blue skies, a very chilly wind, and one hundred thousand Gaelic welcomes awaited us this morning in the port-town of Sydney on the beautiful island of Cape Breton. And we weren’t long on our...

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Feeling Historical in Charlottetown

Monday & Tuesday September 22 & 23 Another lovely lazy day was enjoyed onboard the Maasdam yesterday as we cruised in a northerly direction up the St Lawrence River and through the vast Gulf of St Lawrence. Our Kiwis...

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Going French in Montreal

Thursday & Friday September 18 & 19 It seems a lot has happened in the last 48 hours, but most of it was not exciting enough to write home about. Yesterday was a mixed-up, getting-from-A-to-B sort of day, with our big...

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Rail-Riding Thru Canada’s Rockies

Tuesday & Wednesday September 16 & 17   Oh boy! We’ve just had the two most fantastic days imaginable! We’ve been riding the luxury Rocky Mountaineer scenic train, enjoying a stunning rail adventure...

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Ferry-Riding in Victoria

Monday September 15 Our feet haven’t touched the ground today. An early-morning wake-up call (5:15am) got us out of bed … the hotel’s six lifts got us to the top floor for our breakfast … a couple of...

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Skyscraping in the City Of Glass

Saturday & Sunday September 13 & 14 Chapter #1 of our Great North American Adventure came to an end yesterday morning when we disembarked, said goodbye to the lovely Statendam and her friendly crew, and moved bodies and...

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Cruising Back to Vancouver

Friday September 12 We’ve been sailing south all day today – back through the countless islands that cling to the Alaskan Coast. They’re nice days, these days at sea, and this one was made all the nicer by...

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Totem-Poling & Axe-Throwing In Ketchikan

Thursday September 11 While we downed breakfast this morning, the Statendam cruised gently through the waters of the Tongass Pass and docked in Ketchikan. This cheerful, colourful fishing town sits at the foot of steep forested...

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Iceberg Dodging in Glacier Bay

Wednesday September 10  Today, it was on with our long undies and warm layers and rainproof jackets and woolly hats as we cruised along shorelines that, only 200 years ago, were completely covered (up to 4000 feet thick) with...

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