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Auf Wiedersehen!

DANUBE & RHINE BLOG 16 Fri/Sat May 28/29, 2010 All good things come to an end … and our delightful Mad Midlife romp through Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary along the Rhine/Main/Danube Rivers (with...

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Oberammergau & the Passion Play

DANUBE & RHINE BLOG 15 Wed-Thurs May 26/27, 2010 We crossed the Austrian/German border yesterday and drove through Bavaria (Bayern). Germany’s largest state is well endowed with natural riches: its snowy peaks, rushing...

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Salzburg’s Sound Of Music

DANUBE & RHINE BLOG 14 Mon-Tues May 24/25, 2010 There’s fewer of us now – 29 to be exact – but the fun and adventure is still full-on as we make our way slowly (by road rather than river) to the tiny Bavarian village of...

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Beautiful Budapest

DANUBE & RHINE BLOG 13  Sunday May 23, 2010 We sailed this morning (under warm clear skies at last!) into Budapest, the famous capital of Hungary – and what a sight-for-sore-eyes it was! The elegant Chain Bridge, the...

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Vienna & Bratislava

DANUBE & RHINE BLOG 12 Fri-Sat May 21/22, 2010 Having just spent   two days in two capitals of two European countries, and knowing that we’ll spend tomorrow in a third, this is probably a good point at which to warn you:...

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Linz, Melk Abbey & Vienna

DANUBE & RHINE BLOG 11 Thursday May 20, 2010 The Austrian city of Linz was founded by the Romans (they called it ‘Lentia’), became a big-time trade centre, then an even bigger-time home of the Hapsburg Emperor Friedrich III....

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Weather Update

DANUBE & RHINE BLOG 10 Are you wondering if the sun is shining yet in this part of Europe? Well, wonder no more. We did see a few glimpses of blue sky earlier this week, but we’re back to rain (mostly light and drizzly) …...

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Bamberg & Nuremberg

DANUBE & RHINE BLOG 08 Sun/Mon, May 16/17 2010 If you’ve been wondering what life is like on board the Amadeus Elegant, click on the pix below and take a peep. It’s the newest cruise ship on the river (nothing less would be...

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Wurzburg & Rothenburg

DANUBE & RHINE BLOG 07 Saturday May 15, 2010 You’ve probably never heard of a lot of these places – right? Well, nor had we, prior to this trip. Which is making them all the more surprising and delightful and photographable...

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Werthein & Miltenberg

DANUBE & RHINE BLOG 06 Friday May 14, 2010 The sun hasn’t showed itself in Germany yet! It’s unseasonally cold, according to the locals – this is normally the time of year families go tenting, and (despite the weather) we’ve...

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Koblenz & Rudesheim

DANUBE & RHINE BLOG 05 Thursday May 13, 2010 Early this morning, while we were still sound asleep, our ship docked in Koblenz at the joining-point of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. But, by eight o’clock, armed with our...

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